Cutting-Edge AC Repair and Installation Services

Aqua Plumbing & Air is leading the way in air conditioning technology and services. As your go-to expert for AC repair and installation, we’re excited to share some of the latest innovations we’re bringing to our customers:

1. Smart Thermostat Integration

We now offer installation and setup of smart thermostats that can:

  • Learn your preferences and adjust automatically
  • Be controlled remotely via smartphone apps
  • Integrate with your home automation systems

2. Energy-Efficient AC Units

Our newest selection of air conditioning units boasts impressive energy efficiency ratings, helping you stay cool while reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.

3. Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Perfect for homes without existing ductwork or for adding cooling to specific rooms, these systems offer:

  • Flexible installation options
  • Individualized zone control
  • Improved energy efficiency

4. Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Our technicians now use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately identify AC issues, reducing repair time and costs.

5. Air Quality Enhancements

We’ve expanded our services to include cutting-edge air purification systems that can be integrated with your existing HVAC setup, ensuring the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

At Aqua Plumbing & Air, we’re committed to providing top-notch AC repair and installation services while embracing the latest technologies to enhance your comfort and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about these exciting new offerings!