The absolute magic of comfort in one’s home manifests in being cozy in winter’s bitter cold or cooled off amid summer’s scorching heat. Kellerman Heating & Cooling brings you the joy of living comfortably throughout all seasons in Batavia, Amelia, Withamsville, New Richmond, and Bethel, OH areas.

A Leader in Heating Repair

The team at Kellerman Heating & Cooling is renowned for its expertise in heating repair. They are dedicated to providing quality service to households in Batavia and Amelia, OH. Over the years, they have repaired heaters in hundreds of homes, ensuring families live in absolute comfort, regardless of the severity of Ohio’s winter.

Our dedicated crew have honed their skills and understand the intricacies of diverse heating systems. They can help whether it’s a quick fix or troubleshooting complex issues.

Furnace Service Extraordinaires

Kellerman Heating & Cooling don’t just stop at heating repairs. Their furnace service in Withamsville and New Richmond, OH, is nothing short of exceptional. The service personnel are adept at maintaining and fine-tuning your equipment for efficient performance.

Whether your furnace requires a complete replacement or a minor adjustment, the squad’s got you covered with professional and prompt service. Ensure your furnace doesn’t let you down when you need it most by scheduling a routine furnace check-up with us.

Heater Installation and General Heating Services

For residents of Bethel, OH, Kellerman Heating & Cooling is the preferred choice for installing heaters. Our experienced team ensures that the heating systems installed in your homes are top-notch and fit for your unique needs.

Moreover, our furnace repair service is exceptional and promises customer satisfaction. This is why Kellerman Heating & Cooling is considered the leading provider of comprehensive heating services in Ohio. Trust us for maintaining an ideal temperature in your living spaces all year round. We’re just a call away!