A day at Thompson Plumbing, Heating & AC isn’t just another day at the office. Instead, it’s a dedicated mission to bring comfort to homes in Petersburg, Ida, Lambertville, Britton, Ottawa Lake, and Dundee, MI. Our specialty? Ensuring your furnaces and heating systems are always up to the task of keeping you toasty warm.

A Morning Dedication to Furnace & Heating Installation

Our day begins bright and early with a hot cup of coffee and an eagerness to lend a helping hand. Most mornings, we’re involved in installing highly efficient furnace and heating systems in brand new homes or replacing outdated systems with modern, energy-saving alternatives. We’re proud to be known as a reliable heating company Petersburg, MI and the surrounding areas trust for quality installations.

An Afternoon Focus on Furnace Maintenance & Repair

Following a hearty lunch, our afternoons are usually geared towards furnace maintenance and repairs. It brings immense satisfaction to our team when we help a struggling furnace roar back to life, providing homeowners in Ida, Lambertville, MI and surrounding communities with the warmth they rightly deserve.

We take pride in our comprehensive maintenance procedures, ensuring each component is checked, cleansed, and fine-tuned for optimal performance. We also understand that a breakdown can happen unexpectedly, so our furnace repair services are always ready! We make sure to equip our trucks with the necessary parts and tools to handle most repair jobs on the spot, saving our customers both time and discomfort.

A Hometime Destination: Britton, Ottawa Lake, Dundee, and MI

As evening nears, we are usually wrapping up our tasks, but not before visiting the beautiful landscapes of Britton, Ottawa Lake, and Dundee, MI. We’re far from clock-watchers, always ready to answer a call for help if a furnace quits during those chilly late-afternoon hours.

After a rewarding day of installations, maintenance, and heating system repairs, there’s nothing like the journey home, warmed by the satisfaction of a good day’s work. As part of the Thompson Plumbing, Heating & AC team, you’re not just an employee; you’re a hero bringing warmth and comfort to homes across Michigan. And there’s no better feeling than that.