In the scorching heat of the summer months, an optimally functioning air conditioner becomes a crucial asset. Armed with the knowledge shared today, you can maintain your A/C unit in peak condition even between professional checks from Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

1. Clearing the Area around Your Unit :
The first major tip that homeowners in Lansing, IL & St. John, IN, can follow for better maintenance of their A/C units is ensuring that the area around the unit remains clear. Overgrowth of plants or shrubbery around your air conditioner may prove to be detrimental to its performance. A good rule of thumb is keeping an 18-inch distance between the unit and any plants. This helps the system to operate at full efficiency and prevent overheating that could cost you in expensive repairs.

2. Regularly Changing the Air Filters :
For efficient cooling not just in Lansing, but also areas like Munster, IN & Dyer, IN, regularly changing the air filter is essential. A regular replacement schedule, based on the manufacturer’s advice, helps keep the air circulating in your home clean and reduces the strain on the system. A new filter means less clogging and better air flow, which in turn decreases the energy consumption of the system.

3. Inspecting your Cooling Vents :
It’s also crucial to maintain and inspect your cooling vents frequently. By doing so, you can ensure better system longevity. This is an easy task that involves checking if the vents in your rooms are open, clean, and not blocked by furniture or other items. For homeowners in Cedar Lake, IN this could also help in identifying problems that may need a professional A/C Repair service by Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

In addition to implementing these DIY tips, remember to schedule regular professional A/C Service or Air Conditioner Maintenance assessments with specialists. Living in areas like Schererville, IN, where the use of air conditioners is utmost during peak summers, subscribing to a maintenance plan with an experienced company like Lansing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. will ensure the longevity of your A/C system. Using their skilled staff and comprehensive knowledge of different a/c units, doing regular inspections becomes hassle-free.

While these tips will surely help in maintaining your unit’s performance, at the first sign of serious trouble, always trust a professional to resolve the issue. They possess the requisite knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively perform A/C installation or replacement that will enhance your unit’s efficiency and service life. Remember, your comfort is worth the investment.